Why bother if it doesn’t make the real world difference you need? We use whatever works best for real world change.

Working “behind the scenes” we make the processes as simple, accessible and engaging as possible for all participants. No “artistic skills” or “expertise” required.


Individuals        One-on-one with children, youth, adults, seniors.

Groups              Children, youth, adults, seniors – small or large.

Communities    E.g. communities dealing with reinvigoration, disaster, cultural integration, refugees.


Towns and cities, regions     Reinvigoration, engagement, place making, branding, tourism, economic development.

Events               Cultural, sports, tourism, festivals etc.

Place Making    Work with us to make any space or place better – in many different ways.

Major Projects E.g. infrastructure – to build genuine community engagement.

Educational Institutions       Schools, colleges, universities – a diversity of creative ways of building student and staff engagement as well as campus branding.

Team Building  Corporate development and training for business and other organisations.

Enterprise Cultures  

Consulting Services   Creative approaches to business development, innovation, team building, branding, place making, public mood, tourism, cultural investment, public facilities, economic and industry development (e.g. creative industries – especially beyond the conventional definitions and expectations). Policy advisory. Project feasibility studies. Our involvement can be can be very, very short term (e.g. a few hours or days) to ongoing.

Coaching and Mentoring

Festival Direction       Event artistic direction, program feasibility, project management.

Puentes De Esperanza (Bridges of Hope) Programs           Helping the disadvantaged and healing fractured communities.